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The standard by which all others are measured.

    It appears that the Wolf-Shepherd is becoming one of the most popular breeds in America. And no wonder, I keep two as my personal companion dogs. A male and a female, both 1/2 MacKenzie Valley Wolf, 1/2 German Shepherd. The male has been professionally trained from full obedience to attack on command. The female has had no professional training but her instinctive reaction to all types of situations is super. Both are around my children, and love them very much. Both are priceless.

    I have been raising and selling these

beautiful, loyal animals and have sold thousands all over the world.

A Dysart bred wolf/shepherd, the result of over 46 years of heritage & dedication, is naturally equipped with a sensory system more sophisticated than man has ever invented. It can hear what man cannot, can sense danger better than a video surveillance system, and can run faster than any intruder. It can never fall into the wrong hands, and can distinguish between an adversary or family member. . . In the dark!!!

                           Charles Dysart, Jr.

                           World Class Companions




Skylar Dysart & Crazy Horse - 10 mo. male